2014 Wrestling Awards

After having covered quite a bit of wrestling over the past year (WWE & Lucha Underground) I thought I’d wrap things up by giving out some prestigious awards to some of the most deserving acts. Completely biased and voted on by me, myself & I. Let’s go.

WWE Superstar of the year: Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler wrestled his way from the bottom of the midcard back into the main events picture. From hero to glorified jobber and back. Somehow gotta love that resilience (yes, I took that from Jerry Lawler). He might sell a bit too much these days but he’s probably psyched about this development as well. Let’s just hope we won’t see Super Ziggler happening. Until now however all is good. Hats off for the Show off.

Wrestler of the year: Prince Puma (Lucha Underground). See to believe.

ziggler nxt

Biggest overhyped face of the year: Daniel Bryan. NO. NO. NO. I might be the only person on the planet but I’m so not into the whole Yes Movement. A player in the ring, D player on the mic. And no help in sight from his wife. Probably also a problem with WWE creative restricting him his form of the 5 moves of doom but that was also quite boring most of the time. Therefore I am Not. Missing. Him.

Passive Heel of the Year: Brock Lesnar. F5. German suplex. Return to couch. Repeat.

Best Russian Heel who is not russian: Rusev

Hottest Russian Heel who is not – ah who cares: Lana.

Diva of the Year: AJ Lee. The only wrestler on the main roster. Sometimes I wish for her, what I wish for Dolph, to be promoted to NXT.

Tag Team of the Year: Gold and Staaaarrrrrrrdusssssssst. Cause the Usos are overrated and too predictable and Cody Rhodes is simply killing it! Give him his push already!

Stunt Double of the Year: Damien Sandow. This. Is. Awesome.

Most stupid gimmick of the year: Adam Rose. No. Not the bunny.


Least Convincing Face Turn: Jack Swagger (had to borrow that from Rolling Stone. Nothing else to say. Terrible Face.).

Dean. Fucking. Ambrose of the Year: Dean Ambrose (thx to heelbook)

Best performer who got buried: Cesaro. Buried, begraben, enterré, sepolto and however you say that in Swiss German.

Most stupid nickname that doesn’t catch on: Erick Rowan – Big Red (wow. WWE creative went completely out of its way to come up with that).

NXT hero of the year: Sami Fucking Zayn (patent pending).

NXT addition of the year: Finn Balor.

Best old-school superstar: Randy Orton & Chavo Guerrero. Tie.


Worst turn: Big Show.


Curb Stomp of the Year: Seth Rollins

“Fuck You not again” of the year: John Cena

Best promotion of the year: Lucha Underground

Match of the year: Lucha Underground Ladder Match.

Most stupid commentary of the year: Michael Cole

Best commentary of the year: Matt Striker

mattstriker lucha underground

Pile Driver of the year: Fenix of Lucha Underground.

Most stupid decision of the year: Bringing the anonymous Raw GM back. And bury him again.

Most stupid re-branding of the year: New Day.


Social Media Usage of the Year: Lucha Underground.

What are your awards? Who are your winners?