(3 Reasons) Why Emails still rock

Alright folks. Let’s keep this one short and simple. I’m a fan of emails. Yes. Fan. Emails. In one sentence. Even nowadays in the era of instant messaging and google waving still prefer emails in order to communicate with clients or colleagues. Why? Well…here you go:

  • People usually think before the send emails (well, does not apply to all clients, for sure…). Usually sending an email is a “bigger” act than sending a chat message or something else. So usually emails contain more reasonable conent or at least more conent so that one does not get disturbed by an endless flood of chat messages. This kinda sucks and leads to procrastination.
  • Emails are not real-time. Actually that’s a point of which lot of us (web nerds) tend to say “that’s not cool, that’s why google wave rocks!). And hell yeah. Right! And that’s exactly why emails rock too. While it’s cool to collaborate via google wave (or similar programmes, as far as there are some…) it is cool that emails do not need to be answered immediately. You have time to think about and…to choose your words wisely. Just imagine if a client tells you to change this and that and this and this one in pink….your first reaction would be “shut the fuck up…i put so much effort in this thing…”. But in an email you would proofread and articulate yourself in another way. That’s good for your wallet!
  • You can control when emails disturb your work flow. Usually, when using skype or other instant messaging clients, clientes tend to send messages just when your thinking, working or whatever….simply when it’s not the time for messages! When using emails you can choose when you’ll read them.
    • Tip of the day: Try to read your emails not more often than 3 times a day. Morning, midday, evening. Should be enough. Otherwise emails will have the same effect as instant messages.

So that’s why I think why mails still rock. And it will still take ages until this might change…just my 2 cents.