Activism vs. Slacktivism – Does a ‘like’ help those in need?

I have been invited by UFWH (University Students Fighting World Hunger) conference to join an impressive panel of speakers in order to talk about the topic of “Activism vs. Slacktivism – Does a ‘like’ help those in need?” and happily share my slides for this talk here.


Slacktivsm vs. Activism

Most of us know activism. The last few years showed us a lot of activism in the news. Occupy Wallstreet, Umbrella Revolution, Arab Spring, etc.  When we google activism we will find pictures of Martin Luther King Jr and marchers that demonstrated for change and a better world.


When talking about slacktivism however we might not be that clear about its actual meaning.


So slacktivism consists of slacking and activism. Online activism so to say. Activism that does not require an actual, well, activity but can reach way more people than ‘real’ activism. The question now is how much does a ‘like’ or ‘share’ on facebook actually count? And is social media just for slackers? Let’s see.

Social Media & Crisis

First let’s check whether or not social media is only for slackers. Not too long ago we all witnessed the devastating earthquakes that hit Nepal.

Impact of Media on Transforming attitudes.

This part will follow after my talk – so that there’s a need to attend it 😉


Here are my slides from my talk at UFWH conference.