Advertising 2.011 – personalized & deviced

End of the year. Time to look back & forth. Remember what happened, be calm and….moah I can’t stand it. Let’s just go straight to the point. After huge developments in the area of  mobile devices as well as in the area of ads (placement, targeting, retargeting, etc.) I’m looking forward to some new advertising options in 2011. Minority Report style. Yeah!


Over the past few months / weeks we’ve seen some nice ads and a lot of improvements in mobile devices. One Ad that caught many eyes recently was the one AXA did. If you don’t remember have a look over here and don’t forget to subscribe to my posterous channel in order to not miss such awesome videos again.

So what AXA did over here was quite nice, right? Enabling mobile device users to see something different. To see more. And that is a big and important point in advertising. The customer does not need to see it, but he wants. And he feels like he knows more than others. He feels special. Well done.

Screenshot Black Eyed Peas - The Time - showing paintings coming to live after watching them with tablet devices
Screenshot Black Eyed Peas - The Time - showing paintings coming to life after watching them with tablet devices

Next example. Taken out of the current Black Eyed Peas music video (‘The Time’). The main character is running around with a tablet, holding it in front of some paintings and the paintings come to life. Little similar to the AXA commercial but even one step further. It’s not only in a magazine, it’s outside. On walls & buildings.

While the whole video might look quite strange and futuristic (and please let us not talk about the fact that they covered time of my life in a bad bad way – nevertheless I think I could like it if Fergie would sing it on her own…but that’s a different thing) the thing with the tablet is not that far away.


Personal is always – every year – one of the next big things. Getting more personal, involving the customer, giving a more personal experience, blah blah. Same shit, different day. But – obviously – personalization works. And there’s nothing more easy than personalizing a mobile device. Guess have you seen what you have to enter when setting up a Googlephone or iPhone? (Big up and welcome to the wonderful mobile world to all new iPhone 4 users). If your mobile device is connected to your apple or google accounts, it holds a heck of personal information and even though it is not allowed to share the sensitive part of it – stuff like gender and age range might be ok (I’m not an attorney though – just thinking).

So if you walk around the city and see a ‘mobile 2.011 ad’, you put out your mobile device, hover over it and it begins checking your information and sending ‘personalized’ ads to your screen. Almost like in the motion picture Minority Report where Tom Cruise is shown personalized commercials when he walks into a mall. In the movie this works via eye scanning what might be – in 2011 – a little far fetched. But personalized deviced mobile ads might not. Wait and see.