Any Given Sunday – NFL Conference Finals 2010

On any given Sunday you’re gonna win or you’re gonna lose. The point is – can you win or lose like a man?

(Tony D’Amato – Any given sunday)

But man. Have you seen that? What a conference finals night. That’s sports, that’s entertainment, that’s life. First match New York Jets (underdog) vs. Indianapolis Colts (THE team of the season) with star QB Peyton Manning. Basically pretty obvious who would win. BUT the Jets started like you’ve never seen them playing before. Mark Sanchez started to complete incredible passes and the Jets made 2 great touchdowns. But then, 2nd half, the Colts came back. And how they came back. Peyton Manning destroyed the Jets with an incredible 2nd half and proved once more why the Colts are the team that needs to be beaten.

But then, the second match. Slogan: Fuck off defense! 😉 The Vikings vs. The Saints. The Vikings with the old man and superhero of American Football himself: Brett Favre. 40 years of age and willing to do it once more. Winning this damn Vince Lombardi Trophy. And it really looked like he’ll get the chance once more. One last time. BUT then, last quarter, interception by Favre, Saints scored. Overtime! Another fumble by the Vikings allowed the Saints to score another FG and head to the finals. Bad for Brett, we all would have cheered for him, if he’d made it into Super Bowl. But now it’s Saints time. Super Bowl is Saints Bowl. WHO DAT!