April showers bring May flowers

#tt – Truism Time?

Pretty old saying, uh? So why did I choose this as headline here at my cool and funky (anyone who laughs right now…hm..go on..) blog? Well. Somehow, while being at re:publica 2010, I became unsatisfied with my blog. Not, as many may think, because of my layout (I still like the orange!) but because of my content. There are some good things and some bad things. The bad things are, that I started to post shorter news stories more often. Mostly due to lack of time – but honestly, that’s not what I call blogging. So when I attended re:publica I heard a lot about blogs and content and whatever. And I was a little shocked to learn that a lot of people blog and don’t care about the content.

Quantity rules

As mentioned before, they try to pull the trigger all day long. All the latest news, no matter if well written – real time counts. And – even more shockingly – a lot of people ‘follow’ these content factories. I, personally, can not produce actual content all day long (I do have a real job!) and on the other hand I don’t want to do so.

aim high, score higher

I know this sounds kinda creepy, but hey, it’s my blog! 😉 So just give it a try. Maybe this quality thing pais off for both of us. You and me. And, since I started with my story of re:publica, just let me finish it…it was really cool seeing a lot of bloggers and people who care about social media. But it was also pretty strange to see so many people who took the term ‘follower’ way to literally. It was kinda ‘just put some guy on stage, let him talk about whatever and they will scream and clap for everything he’s going to say’. I consider a conference as kinda ‘thought boost’ and not as a place to receive orders. So folks please do not leave your brains at the coat check (guess there will be a further blog post that will cover that topic..).

highlighted turn

Having said the I really liked re:publica 2010 and having told you now only things I didn’t like doesn’t quite fit, right? So here comes the good stuff. Since I have covered all three days of re:publica 2010 (1, 2, 3) you can check out the speeches to whom I am referring and basically those speeches have made me think about changing my current blogging style back to where I came from.

I already talked a lot about this ‘public by default‘ thing Jeff Jarvis mentioned. I really think that it’s the way to go in our ‘new’ internet society. Peter Glaser, another speaker of re:publica 2010, even referred to it as the ‘eight continent’. So the world wide web should not be considered a simple medium, but a place, a continent where we all can find a home.

Besides those philosphic approaches Miriam Meckel somehow made me think. She was talking about the borders of human and technical discretion. After her talk I went to a bookstore and had a look at her current book where she talks about her burnout. Kinda strange when you read all that stuff and start to think ‘damn, that sounds like my daily life’. She describes her ‘sunday off’ this way: Being at home, lying on the sofa and reading a book – but even while reading, the laptop always runs and you check mails once in a while…you are never completely on your own because you are afraid to miss something…and man, that sounds so familiar. Don’t you think? Checking mails on your mobile when going out, etc… Next thing I did: I bought a completely ‘offline book’ and did not take a look at my mobile for…uhm…some hours (damn it!)…

Besides Miriam Meckel there, obviously, were even more cool speaches. For example Nishant Shah who showed some examples of social media ‘campaigns’ in the far east (check appropriate recap-posts)…unfortunately it would be to much, to cover all of those.

Long story short

Right now it feels like I could talk forever about those kind of things. Philosphic approaches and so on. But heaving learned that most of bloggers do not tend to read that much, I better quit and hope you’ll check back for my next post where I might put more specific content in it 😉 So long, thanks for your patience and I really hope to see you soon.