AUA, Tegel! (#aua #txl)

Once more little off topic. So all those SEO / Online Marketing folks, feel free to skip 😉

On Sunday I was trying to fly from Berlin to Vienna. Estimated flight time 1:15 h. During the whole weekend the temperatures where about 5-6 degree celsius. So not toooo cold. On Sunday it started to snow, all of a sudden. For about 2 – 3 hours. But not thaaaat much. Just normal snowing. And it stopped at about 6.30 pm. Sounds quite boring so far, doesn’t it? Well…

Scheduled boarding was at 7.25 pm and it almost took place in time. Everybody was ready to leave Berlin at the estimated departure time at 7.55 – but not the Berlin Airport “Tegel”. Since it had snowed a little bit they decided to “de-ice” every single plane that leaves Tegel. Well, that’s basically ok. But it somehow looked like Tegel (txl) was completely surprised by the weather conditions (every heard of or The next great thing: There was only one “de-icing spot”. So all planes had to go to one spot and kinda queue there. We were plane #20. So you could imagine that this might take a while.

Our pilot told us he guesses that it might take up to 90 minutes. After 90 minutes he told us, that it might take another 90…So we were sitting in a really small (Fokker 70) plane and were waiting for our de-icing. A lot of us asked why we had to go on board even though they knew, that it might take up to 3 hours until we can take off. Answer: Unless there are passengers on the aircraft, the plane will not be considered for de-icing. And now here comes my personal WTF-point? What’s that? How about de-icing first and boarding afterwards (don’t tell me, that the plane would de-de-ice again in this 20 minutes) or boarding just before de-icing? But 3 hours prior to it? Come on. you!

I pretty well know, that Austrian Arrows are not responsible for this and the stewardesses did a good job. But not telling anything for about 90 minutes is not very customer friendly….so dear AUA, a better staff training would be appreciated.

Recap: AUA has to improve their staff skills and Tegel everything. It’s like a bad joke that an INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT is not able to have a proper weather forecast (I think that’s BS, there must have been something else..) and to de-ice more than one plane at a time or to do this in a prober order. If this is the way Berlin Airports operate, I will never ever use the BBI (the new mega-airport that is built in Berlin) just in case…