Best of eLearning by Elearning! Media Group

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Elearning! Medai Group just published a list of the ‘best of elearning 2013’ so I thought it’s a good idea to have a look at the Honorees and see if I agree (but who am I to disagree? I traveled the world and the seven seas.). So here they are:

1. Learning Management System (SaaS or Cloud)     
Articulate    -Online
BizLibrary -LMS
eCornell -Enterprise
Skillsoft -SkillPort

eKnowWaytions Note: Couldn’t add much here. Especially articulate did a good job in becoming more and more famous over the past few months I think. 

2. Learning Management System (Enterprise, Behind the Firewall) 
Meridian KSI -Global LMS
NetDimensions -Learning
Saba -Learning@work
SumTotal Systems -Learn

eKnowWaytions Note: What should I say? Big players in the biz. Just a wonder that they didn’t buy each other yet. So yeah, deserved I’d say.

3. Learning Content Mgt System  
eXact Learning -LCMS
Kenexa -LCMS
Xyleme -LCMS

eKnowWaytions Note: My first thought was eXact Learning when hearing the category. I couldn’t really say that I have experience with the other two. 

4. Talent Management System 
Cornerstone OnDemand -Talent Cloud
NetDimensions -Talent Suite
Oracle -Taleo Cloud
SuccessFactors -Business Executive Suite

eKnowWaytions Note: Taleo! How I hate it! Screwed up so many applications and stuff. I really hope some of those other systems (that I don’t really know) are better!

5. Human Resources Technology   
SumTotal Systems -Work
Workday -Workforce Lifecycle Mgt.

eKnowWaytions Note: SAP. The next company that I hate with a passion – but only ’cause of what I had to do with their products during my time at Uni – no professional reasons besides it’s ugly interfaces and outdated ways of handling stuff. 

6. I.T. Content   
BizLibrary -Computer & Microsoft E-learning -Software Training
Safari Books Online     -Technology Library
Skillsoft -I.T. Library

eKnowWaytions Note: Lynda was by far the platform I used the most over the past few months so I’m rooting for Lynd in this category all the way. 

7. Leadership Content      
BizLibrary -Leadership E-learning
eCornell -Leadership Strategic Mgt. Suite
Harvard Business Publishing -ManageMentor
Skillsoft -Leadership Advantage

eKnowWaytions Note: I love Harvard stuff. At first I’ve been a little sceptic and full of stereotypes about the ‘elite Harvard suckers’ but started to enjoy their publications pretty fast. Great work! 

8. Soft Skills Content  
BizLibrary -Streaming Video Library
eCornell -HR Mgt. Suite
Skillsoft -Business Catalog

eKnowWaytions Note: No experience with Soft Skill Content to be honest but heard a lot about eCornell HR Mgt. Suite. Would appreciate some opinions here!

9. Compliance & Certification    
eCornell -Project Leadership
RedVector -Red VectorDesign & Construction CertiDesign & Construction Certification
Skillsoft -Compliance Modules
VuBiz -Compliance Series

eKnowWaytions Note: Well VuBiz is the solution that I’m most used to here. Don’t know if they deserve it though. Lack of experience with others!

10. Sales Training     
CloudCoaching Intl -Pathways to Growth
Richardson -Sales Training
SalesiTV -Sales Leadership

eKnowWaytions Note: There’s such a thing as a reliable and non BS Sales Training? 😮

11. E-learning Development Tool   
Adobe -eLearning Suite
Articulate -Storyline
iSpring Solutions -Suite
SumTotal Systems -ToolBook

eKnowWaytions Note: Adobe has an eLearning Suite? Adobe? Oh lord…(remembering illustrator and stuff…pain in the ass to actually understand how it works).

12. Rapid Development Tool     
Adobe -Captivate
Articulate -Storyline
Lectora -Inspire
TechSmith -Camtasia

eKnowWaytions Note: Camtasia is the product that I know here. Oh and Storyline. But I only gave Camtasia a longer try. So go, TS, go!

13. Simulation Solution 
Adobe -Captivate
Articulate -Storyline
SumTotal Systems -Toolbook

14. Video Software    
Adobe -Premiere Pro
Articulate -Storyline
Techsmith -Camtasia Studio

eKnowWaytions Note: If not in Video or Pictures, where else? Adobe! 😉

15. Assessment     
Articulate -Quiz Maker
Platte Canyon Multimedia Corporation -Exam Engine
ProProfs -Quiz Maker

eKnowWaytions Note: I don’t know the Exam Engine but the Quiz Makers didn’t quite convince me. 

16. Social Collaboration
Bloomfire -Bloomfire
BizLibrary -Community
Microsoft -Yammer

eKnowWaytions Note: Yammer started out to be kinda interesting but somehow I didn’t develop my interest in it further. Maybe it’s time to give Bloomfire a try. 

17. Mobile Authoring
Articulate -Storyline
Kenexa -Hot Lava
iSpring Solutions -iSpring Pro

eKnowWaytions: I didn’t try any of these but man how I like the name Hot Lava! Mr. Lava Lava uuuuuuh. 

18. Presentation Solutions
Articulate -Presenter
Microsoft -PowerPoint
Prezi -Prezi

eKnowWaytions: I really start to believe that Articulate bought its way into this top list. Showing Power Point in the same list as Prezi is kinda ridiculous. Prezi all the way!

19. Web Seminar Solution
Adobe -Connect
Cisco -WebEx Meeting Center
Citrix Online -GoToWebinar

eKnowWaytions Note: WebEx and GoTo are quite common with the people and businesses I deal with right now. I kinda like GoTo a little better at the moment. 

20. Virtual Classroom    
Adobe -Connect
Cisco -WebEx Training Center
Saba -Classroom
Citrix Online -GoToTraining

eKnowWaytions Note: I only know the GoTo Training here. Does a decent  job.

21. Virtual Learning Environments   
Intercall -Virtual Environment
INXPO -Online Events
Linden Labs -Second Life
On24 -Virtual Environment

eKnowWaytions: It’s 2013 and we’re talking about Second Life? Really?

22. Mobile App
Brainshark -Brainshark
Evernote -Evernote
Qstream -Qstream

eKnowWaytions Note: Well Evernote is the obvious choice here – but it’s simply a decent program. 

23. Translation & Language Services
Berlitz -eBerlitz
Rosetta Stone -TOTALe Pro
Transperfect -Transperfect

eKnowWaytions Note: Seriously? Rosetta Stone? If, then only the Thai Version a la SNL! 

24. Learning Services
Booz, Allen, Hamilton -Human Capital & Learning
IBM -GBS Learning Services
ICS -Custom E-learning

eKnowWaytions Note: So we needed another category, uh?

25. Open Source
Docebo -LMS
Epignosis    eFront -LMS
Moodle -Moodle

eKnowWaytions Note: I only know Moodle, of course. Docebo looks ok and Epignosis has just a toooo stupid name to be checked out.