The best song of 2014.

song of the year 2014

The best song of 2014 was All of me by John Legend.

And no, there’s no discussion to be held about it.

Over the whole year of 2k14 there hasn’t been a single song that touched me like All of me did. And this comes from a guy who isn’t in an all happy go lucky relationship or just married a supermodel or heard this song for the first time when he kissed the girl of his dreams in the summer rain.

The first time I heard it was when I was all alone at home. I saw it on youtube and thought ‘no way I’ll like that. John Legend is a good musician but I’m really not in the mood for some romance overdose’.

Yeah. So much for that.

I wasn’t fast enough to skip it when it came in this automated youtube playlist and when I reached my computer the piano already hit and I was lost. The intro is amazing. Simple but beautiful what makes the whole track incredibly touching right from the start. By now, as soon as I hear the first few notes of All of Me I instantly start to smile because firstly it sounds beautiful and secondly I know that an even more beautiful song is going to unfold and my heart and soul will be touched for at least another four minutes.

Besides the perfect intro of this song John Legend probably also created the only love song I ever added to my playlist by using smart and very honest sounding lyrics. This song describes perfectly what one (in this case me, obviously) feels when being in love and what one (me) misses when one is not. That might be the even bigger success formula in this case. I can imagine (and I don’t even mention his insanely hot wife in the video) how I would feel if I had someone like this. If I actually would feel this and this song makes me miss it too damn much. So many emotions within four minutes and thirty seconds. 

Over the wake of the past year there have been many good songs but none ever came close to All of Me by John Legend. I can listen to it over and over again without not liking it. I feel more than confident to already declare it one of the best songs ever written.

What would I do without you smart sound? (And no, I don’t care that I’m going mainstream this time).