adds new features

Intro: is a web service that allows you to listen to music you search for or to listen to music other “blip” (post). You can follow cool “DJs” and post the songs you’re listen to your social media networks. Actually, most of you web 2.0 freaks should already know 😉

Today I realized that launched some new features on it’s homepage. Not quite sure whether they’ve been there for some days now, but I haven’t seen them before. So I just took some quick shots of those features. There you go:

First thing: now allows you to browse through categories quite easily. By using the new “Tag Tuner” you can swap between #Hashtags, Artists and Genres. tag tuner tag tuner feature open tag tuner open tag tuner tag tuner # tag tuner # tag tuner final tag tuner #rock

As you can see, it’s pretty intuitive. Simply browse through the categories you like and check out all the good stuff on Nice plus in usability I think.

The next feature added is something you can find in almost every online community. Badges. The more active you are, the cooler your badges get. So basically if you blip a lot and prop a lot and spent a lot of time at you’ll receive more cool badges. Nothing new if your used to other communities like that, but at least those badges look cool 😉 badges badges
  • I noticed the change in the homepage of blip but didn’t feel the necessity to post a post as i thought everyone would see it when they visit the site. However you have posted on it and i appreciate it. Thanks for the post.