Blog Action Day 2009 | Climate Change

It’s October 15th and it’s Blog Action Day! 2 years after its creation, blog action day is once more thought to be a day to start discussion, to exchange ideas and to try to change the world. step by step.

It’s almost 2010, a year that was in science fiction often referred to as “far far away” or “the time when humans live in outer space”. When seeing those old movies or readig old books most of us smile – but honestly…it might be better for us to start thinking of living in outter space if we continue living like we do now.

It’s almot 2010 and we still force the issues of climate change!

Honestly, it kinda sucks pretty much. You know. We think of ourselves to be the best, most intelligent and whatever else species in the universe and we are not able to stop wasting our own planet? That’s the same as:

I know there are news all the time saying “the earth became warmer bei 2°C” and we think “yeah, awesome. it’s getting warmer” or at least “2°C that’s almost nothing”. But that’s not true! Climate Change is happening right now! Just think about the Tsunami in Thailand during X-Mas 2004, Hurricane Katrina in the States or the incredible thunder-storms that hit the Philippines 3 weeks ago. Or the Tsunami hitting OZ, or…

So are you still thinking there is no need for a change? Every human being able to think must realize, it is now and it is us to be responsible, to make that change.

But enough complaining for now. By now we all know what time it is, right? So let’s get up, stand up…and act! So what can we do? First thing: What we do today: Giving a platform to one of the most vital issues right now! Obviously we shouldn’t  only write on specific days about climate change and global warming. But it’s a fact that, if shown to often, people tend to ignore problems. So task #1: Do not let people forget about this!

Butterfly Effect! A butterflie’s flap can trigger off a hurricane (I’m not a english native, so sorry for translating that so poorly). So small changes might have big consequences, right? Ok. So let’s start with the easiest or, quite often, the hardest part: With yourself! Think about your dialy tasks. Is it necessary to take the car? Wouldn’t it be ok to go there by bike, train or bus? Small steps, small changes – but changes! -> task #2: start with yourself!

task #3:….it’s your turn! what can we do? what needs to be changed? let’s keep this discussion going!