Blogging Seminar for Beginners

blogging seminar for beginnersLast week I held my first seminar for starters in the blogging scene (in German). It all started with a quick idea when some friends of mine asked me again and again how one can set up a basic blog / website.

When blogging about this topic on some other sites, I realized that there are still a lot of people out there who are curious about the web 2.0 wonder world. So I decided to set up a first small ‘blog seminar’. During this kinda ‘how to: blog’ thing I covered topics from  ‘why do people blog’, ‘what should I blog about?’, how often should I blog’ to ‘how do I set up a blog technically?’ or ‘free vs. paid hosting’.

In the End I even put some very very basic copywriting and SEO tips on the agenda which lead to a lot of inspiration due to some very unusual questions from the beginner’s side. So in the end I learned a lot myself. Listening to non-web-2.0-freaks really can help to open ones eyes.

But back to the seminar. It was great fun and the next one will surely follow. But next time it won’t be in Vienna, Austria but on Tenerife, Spain. So if you’re there and curious what this whole blogging cult is about, simply drop me a line or head over to to get in touch.