Browser Galore | My Top 5

While I was working on my latest site and checking it in different browsers I just thought it would be quite interesting to see what browsers made it into my top 5 and what you guys usually use. So this is my Browser High 5….(nice!).

high 5 of browsers | safari, firefox, chrome, rock melt, opera
high 5 of browsers

So when I look down in my dock, I see 5 browsers hanging out there. Three all the time, two temporarily.

1. Firefox

Especially since the release of Firefox 4.0 in March 2011 it is back on top. A steady battle with Google’s Chrome made it a close race but right now it is more stable and still offers the coolest plugins. Firefox stays my development, testing & investigation hero.

2. Chrome

As mentioned above Chrome and Firefox usually battle for the front spot. Chrome started for me to be my “fast” browser. When I simply wanted to check out some web services, facebook…whatever. No strings attached fast and secure browsing. Now that Chrome has a quite decent App-Store too, it is becoming mor powerful but also slower and sometimes a little buggy. Right now I experience some troubles from time to time (Chrome freezes. Especially with .swf files). That’s why it’s the second spot for Chrome right now. But that’s not written in stone.

3. Safari

Apples home browser. Still said to be fast and reliable. So when I am pissed by the Chrome freezing or the Firefox plugin updating (happens almost as often as android updates) I choose Safari. It really is reliable but lacks in terms of plugins or other stuff that would make it a “working tool”. But it stays a nice alternative for a quick browsing.

4. Opera

The nerdy brother of all browsers. While being considered some toy for geeks& freaks back in the days, it became a lot more stable and usable for “common” users. There is even a whole community build around it. Nevertheless I use it quite rarely and only when I am very happy with my work on some websites in order to crash my good feeling again….when you got everything up and running in Firefox, safari and IE,  opera can mess things still up. Yeah! But, to its advance: It’s quite fast and secure!

5. Rock Melt

This is a very temporarily browser on my list. Rock Melt basically consists of Google’s Chrome with some nice and neat social features around it. If you start Rock Melt you will be logged in to Facebook and twitter (up to your settings) and you can start chatting and tweeting straight from your browser. Quite fun from time to time but it’s not that cool that I would choose it over Firefox or Chrome.

What are your favorites? And why?