Thailand’s Media Usage & Dependency

Thailand and the media! That’s a very special kind of relationship, one that is often thought to be rather superficial thanks to the success of lakorns (soap operas) and the huge amount of following they amass. However just leaving it with ‘it’s superficial’ seems rather one dimenisional and too easy of an excuse. There is […]

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So that’s what we are talking about today?

where's the love?

Not a Thailand related post. If you’re only here for that, you can skip this article. Let’s get straight to the point. I still can’t quite comprehend what happened in Orlando earlier this week. Even though it’s far away and not likely to happen here as of now, it is still stuck in my head. […]

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Is blogging journalism?

I’ve just been interviewed in order to give my opinion whether or not blogging is journalism. Since I run my own blog here I thought I simply explain my answers and take on that topic while blogging about it. Some of the questions I have been asked are: Please explain…

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Wikipedia: #Edit2014

Wikipedia now also takes a look back onto 2014 and shows in its review, #Edit2014, what we read & edited. Every December we see the big online players (Google, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.) publishing their yearly reviews. This year wikipedia jumps onto that train and shows off their Data…

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Plague – The Network

Hey hey. A new social network. Yay. Just what we all wanted, right? However this one is different. At least that’s what it states. Plague isn’t about friends or followers, it’s about spreading ‘news’ like a virus. To be honest, that doesn’t sound much better. I gave it a try…

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