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Not a Thailand related post. If you’re only here for that, you can skip this article. Let’s get straight to the point. I still can’t quite comprehend what happened in Orlando earlier this week. Even though it’s far away and not likely to happen here as of now, it is still stuck in my head. […]

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The Apple Tablet – iPad

Alright. Here we go. My 2 cents. So yesterday Apple announced the iPad . Their first tablet computer. Exactly what everyone expected. Steve (Jobs) called it his lifetime achievement. Actually I wouldn’t go this far… To first cover the basics: The device has a 9.7 inch display, weighs 1.5 pounds,…

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Intro: is a web service that allows you to listen to music you search for or to listen to music other “blip” (post). You can follow cool “DJs” and post the songs you’re listen to your social media networks. Actually, most of you web 2.0 freaks should already know…

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Nexus One – Facts

For all of those who keep asking me “you’re into this mobile thing, right? What about this Google Phone?”. Here are the facts. Nothing more, nothing less. Bottom line so far: Looks like it rocks! Manufactured by HTC 3.7″ OLED display (iPhone: 3.5″), 800 x 480 pixels Thin (59.8 mm thick)…

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My Google

Since everybody’s talking about google these days (man, they’re really doing their best to be part of the news each day) I am sure that you’re all curious about what I think about it (hello mr. ego 😉 ). Actually it almost feels like Google tries to spam us during…

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