Cody Rhodes – Stardust Gimmick is weird but could work

“Seriously? WWE? Seriously? WTF!? Stardust?” – Those were my thoughts when I saw Cody Rhodes entering the arena this past Monday night. And I think I wasn’t alone.

However I have to admit the gimmick somehow grew on me during the match (that was quite short though). I liked that Cody seemed to have fun with it. He made it work and just the best out of it. His movement was funny and his overall body language wasn’t that pissed and bored anymore. I’m not sure if it will be good for Cody Rhodes on the long run since I don’t think that we need another Goldust and while having Goldust and Stardust together is somehow cool and funny it right now feels like an emergency plan and it won’t help Cody Rhodes to develop anywhere else but this copy-cat gimmick. Goldust plays it well since he has always been and carried it. But Cody is to good of a wrestler to simply copy some style. I would love to see Cody do his own thing and be his own man. He’s great in the ring and can do decent mic work so while I am enjoying this new gimmick and fun part at the very moment I still hope for Cody’s sake that he’ll get the chance to progress as a singles competitor again soon.

Oh one thing I forgot to add. I still prefer Goldust’s entrance music over Stardust’s.