As you may already know TOEIC stands for Test of English for International Communication. This means the focus of this preparation course lies on communication skills. When taking the TOEIC test you have to complete a listening and a reading comprehension test. While those tests are not always to hard time is a crucial factor. You have to be able to think in English. That’s what we will try to achieve during this short course.

Even though you are attending this course, there is no shortcut to success. You have to work on your vocabulary skills on a daily basis since both test types need a strong set of vocabularies to succeed.

The Reading Section: There are three types of questions in this section, and your vocabulary is crucial to each of them.

Incomplete sentences ask you to choose which word will best complete a sentence. The only way to answer these questions correctly is to know and understand not only the words in the sentence, but each of the possible answers given as well.

Error recognition questions contain sentences with one or more words used incorrectly. Your task is to choose which words need to be changed in order for the sentence to read correctly. Again, the only way to get these questions right is to know what each word means and how it is supposed to be used.

Reading comprehension tests how well you understand what you read. Doing well on this sections requires that you have a good understanding of the words you’ll be asked to read. In fact, over 100 years of research have proven that the more words you know, the faster you read and the more you’ll comprehend.

The Listening Section: It’s one thing to be able to comprehend the words of a foreign language (like English) when you read them on paper. You can take your time, and think about each word if you have to.

But listening to a native English speaker is another story. The recording won’t “slow down” for you if you miss a word – and that can seriously hurt your score if you don’t have a strong English vocabulary.

There’s just no getting around it – if you want a high score on the TOEIC Test, you’re going to have to work on your vocabulary skills. But don’t break out your dictionary just yet.

Useful vocabulary

English Idioms

Sample TOEIC Test