Congratulations! Being on this site means you already are one step ahead of many of your opponents. You realized how important Internet Marketing nowadays is and that your hotel should not miss out on it. The fun fact, as unbelievable as it may seems, is that many hotels still do not understand the importance of new media in their arsenal of communication tools. Especially local hotels or smaller hotel chains are quite often not prepared to meet the needs of the modern traveller. With you being here this means you are willing to change and I am there to help.

With my experience in both, Internet Marketing and the hotel industry, I know how and where to adress the lever without disturbing or interrupting the current hotel workflow.

Besides working in Internet Marketing agencies focusing on Search Engine Optimization, Social Media & Usability I also taught English communication to Hotel & Tourism Management students which gave me the ability to gain a deeper knowledge of the tourism and hotel industry.

If you want to benefit from this background I would be glad to get in touch and discuss possible partnerships.

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