Curious how this cool thing with the internet works? Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Hi5, Skype, Youtube,….those networks are not only great time wasters, they also provide a great way to educate & entertain students at the same time.

social media and teaching thailand
from 'social media and teaching' presentation
social media for learning & research
from 'social media for learning & research' presentation

Social Media & Teaching. A perfect combination. If you want to know how to utilize new media techniques to teach students – you are in the right place! Feel free to get in touch at your convenience and schedule a talk, presentation, workshop or lecture.

Furthermore I provide workshop / lectures for students about the dangers of social media and how to use social media and the world wide web for research and studies. If you think your students lack in this area – I’d be glad to help.

Why I consider myself quite fit in this area? Feel free to check my resume.


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