#DeleteUber – Uber’s Social Media disaster.

Over the past week Uber, the cool & hip private car service provider from San Francisco, has lost lots of support and followers and face harsh criticism mainly due to several news (exhibit 1, example 2) that made it into the spotlight.

If you’re a hitting over to the twitter search and look up #DeleteUber you will see lots of posts with this hashtag. This shows that, besides outrage, users are also happy to actually take action and show Uber their disappointment and disapproval.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. More and more comments and stories surface by the minute. Uber, so far, decided to take the Bill Cosby approach to most accusations. Besides an apology by the CEO (and that one senior exec who made those stupid comments) nothing really happened or has been said. It looks like Uber doesn’t (or maybe they do now, but at least they didn’t) take it too serious and thought the storm would be over soon. Turns out, it’s not. Let’s see what’s going to happen next and if there will be any repercussions.

What’s your take on the whole Uber thing? Will Uber now go under?