Difference between me & you: efficiency

We know it all. We’re surfing the web and see some guys who seem to publish new posts, books, sites or other work all the time. How can they do all this stuff at a time? Especially when ‘outsourcing’ might not be a reasonable answer? How are they doing it? Do they have more time? 48 hour days? No hobbies? Nope. Most time those guys even seem to have awesome spare time, right? So what’s the magic behind it? The answer is to simple. And actually it is not even a mystery.

Our closest friend: Distraction

Honestly…how does it look like when your online? You might think ‘man today I’ll do this and that….write a new post or set up a new site..’. You have plans in your mind. You thought about it during breakfast or even during the night. And now you’re going online. Now you will do what you thought about. Now you….hang around ebay, facebook, amazon or pornhub. And don’t tell me it’s not that way. I know it is.That’s the way it is for most users. Oh and if you’re not on one of those sites I mentioned, you’re checking mails. Or twitter. Right? Yep, thought so.

Define why you’re online

If you’re supposing I’m going to rant about facebook, pornXX, twitter and other time wasters you’re pretty wrong. It’s important to be on such sites from time to time. It’s relaxing. Relaxing 2.0 in some way. So have fun, chill, relax and take it easy. Let’s waste time, chasing surfing sites.

BUT don’t let it be your main occupation. Define why you are online and do what you made yourself your assignment for your time online. When you managed what you wanted to do, enjoy yourself while wasting time again. Or maybe you even turn of the computer. Even better. But whatever! Do what needs to be done. First things first! And our first thing is our defined goal.

You don’t have to set goals like ‘I’ll write 3 posts, set up 2 sites and…’. Sometimes it’s enough to aim at something like ‘get the new blog post started’. Most of the time you will, when having started, go on further than you expected. You simply need to get it started. And hell yeah I know that sounds old fashioned and uncool. But it helps. Believe me. Define your small little goals. Time spots in which you won’t use facebook, chat or check emails. Afterwards you will enjoy it even more.

As time goes by

There’s one thing in life we can’t get back. Time. I’m not quite sure who I am quoting with this – if it’s not an actual quote, what I doubt, please adress it to me – it’s so right. Being someone who spents / has to spent a lot of time online I really know how little time most people use to do real important stuff. A lot of time is, like mentioned before, just wasted. While wasting it we tend to think ‘that’s not to much time. I will start in 15 minutes. Or in 30. That’s ok…’ NO, It’s not ok! It’s your time! You won’t get it back. It’s gone. Forever.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it is totally ok to relax – I already mentioned it before. Sometimes it is even crucial to do nothing. But if you’re doing nothing, enjoy it! Make the best out of it and don’t pretend to do something online while you’re actually doing nothing. That’s not fair to you, to your friends – to your time!

Time Management

The next word for your bingo is one of my favorite buzzwords. It sounds sooooo uncool but is so crucial in today’s cool and hip web 2.0 society. Time Management is for me bascially the act of – tada – managing your time. Correctly. There are easy ways and more complicated ways of doing it. Some lives are easier to manage than others. But Time Management itself is crucial to all of those. If you’re the guy who simply needs pen & paper to keep track of his schedule – perfect! If you’re like me and you’re having ideas and thoughts and stuff going around your head all the time, this might not be enough. But thanks to the wonderful world of information technology, that’s not a big problem at all. There are some little helpers that support us. There are Applications for your notebook, for your smartphone or even for your iPod. The only thing that really has to come from you: The first step. The decission to give it a chance.

What really helped me in terms of time management was a lecture by Randy Pausch. Some of you might know him, some of you might know that I really liked his way and therefore dedicated a site of this blog to his quotes. Doesn’t matter. If you are interested in time management, give his words a go. It will be worth it in most cases. Promise.

Time Management lecture by Randy Pausch of Carnegie Melon University:

uncool is the new cool

I know a lot of people (including me) who considered time management as uncool. ‘I can do it offhand. Don’t worry’. And yeah, most of the time it works out offhand. But is it the right way in which it works out? Wouldn’t it be way cooler to work things out in less time, to work more things out in the time you use or  even to have more time for some spare time work out? Yeah. Here we come back to where we started. Manage your time, define clear rules for yourself, not for others. Take your time, do what has to be done and enjoy your time. That’s no kinda magic and so cool!