It is amazing what can be done online these days. The internet is arguably one of the greatest inventions ever and connects us in just seconds with the rest of the world. Using those possibilities for the good is challenging, hard work but also very entertaining and, when done right, comes with a high return.
When talking Digital Strategy we talk about a lot of different aspects and angles that we have to look. Some of them contain:

Search Engine Optimization. Always in the news, everybody seems to have heard of it but only a few do it ‘right’. SEO is a science. It’s not only about links or meta tags. SEO is so much more and done right and incredible powerful arrow in your online marketing quiver

Social Media = Facebook. That’s what many people think these days. In reality Social Media has more components than ‘just chatting’ – and yes, it actually can be measured and tracked and delivers conversion. Sounds cool, right? Oh and in case you are a buzzword-loving person, here we go: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram – and now the stuff you don’t know: Line, WeChat, BeeTalk – want more? Get in touch 😉

Why do people leave your homepage without converting? How do you get them to sign up for your newsletter or your campaign? Usability is the key to a happy user and a happy user is the key to increased conversion.

One thing that always comes to mind of most people when we talk digital or online marketing are ads. Facebook advertising (twitter, instagram) or even Google Adwords (or other Search Engine Advertising offers). That is understandable of course but also needs a great deal of analysis, planning and the right execution. You wouldn’t want to spend lots of money on advertising and then have nobody respond to it, right?

Now, of course, it’s not all just about using a lot of buzzwords.  What makes all those different kind of disciplines even cooler is when you create a strategy that makes them not just copy each other but compliment and support each other. Ideally even with offline marketing campaigns or approaches. When you’re able to do this, then you will get the most out of your marketing budget, increase your reach, recognition and brand awareness and even will see your ROI and ROE increase.  (See, I can even find the right words for your boss to like your digital strategy idea).

So don’t hold back, let’s get together and talk.

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