DreamTrips Scam

This post is completely off topic and even more off topic than the usual ‘fun’ posts. Reason is, it’s not fun this time. Many of my students are now getting caught by a Scam scheme here in Thailand that’s been around for quite a while. Namely: DreamTrips.

Here in Thailand DreamTrips right now advertises with ‘W.I.N. DreamTrips’ and promises people the same things it has been offering in other countries for a long time. FREE TRIPS and EVEN GET PAID TO TRAVEL!!!!

pyramid scheme - also applies for dreamtripsThings for free are always a bit strange in my opinion but getting paid to travel? Really? Come on! I’m a bit disappointed by university students to fall for that.

Even more disappointed I’m by the fact that some students even tried to…

a.) Pitch this idea to me and make me join this (admittedly the student didn’t know I’m a teacher here, but hey…if you approach someone, do your research).

b.) actually pitch this project to our faculty and make our faculty promote this bullshit (yes, I said it) via our channels.

I don’t really want to explain how this shit works but if you don’t trust me, then trust the reports you can find here:

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Attorney General: How Pyramid Schemes work

Observer: Can WorldVentures become the new Amway?

DreamTrips Scam

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One more time: It’s SCAM. It does not work. Under no circumstances. Just give it some thought and you’ll be able to figure it out yourself. How should it be possible?