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Another short and simple post. Just to give a brief example of well done eCommerce. Even though the website itself is not that much of a usability revelation.

The cool thing about the guys from was their tracking and how they behave. I came to this shop when looking for a squash racket. Found a nice one, put it into my shopping cart and went to the checkout. 2 Steps before I finished checking out I thought to myself maybe the sport shop here in Vienna might have a similar racket and it would be faster to buy it there. So I quit the check out process before finishing.

During the next day I went to the shop but did not find a decent racket but somehow forgot about 2 days later I received an email from (sure I had to register an account before going to the check out 2 days earlier). They did not try to sell something, they just asked what happened. “2 days ago you were looking for this racket XYZ but did not finish your shopping process. Did anything disturb you? We would be happy if you tell us what happened and we’ll try to improve. Otherwise, if you want to continue shopping, just click here and you’ll be led to the shopping cart”.

So what happened here? They did not try to sell me another product, they asked for my oppinion! And that’s always something a user usually appreciates. Furthermore they offered me the chance to start shopping exactly where I stopped the last time. I did not have to start all over again.

Honestly, it’s not magic what happened here, but well done tracking and behavior. And that’s a heck more than most online shops do. And yes, finally I ordered the racket 😉

  • Steve

    Ich hab vor Kurzem was ganz ähnliches erlebt.

    Als ich bei ein Ferienhaus reservieren wollte musste ich die Reservierung abbrechen, weil einige Sachen noch nicht wirklich geklärt waren.

    Am nächsten Tag haben die mich dann gleich angerufen, um mich auf eine sehr nette Art zu fragen, was denn Grund für meinen Reservierungsabbruch war und ob ich wünsche, dass sie das Objekt für mich reservieren.

    Telefonnummer und die ganzen Daten musste man natürlich erst bei der Reservierung der Ferienhäuser angeben.