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At least once a week I usually ad my 2 cents to current social media news. But I guess unless you’ve been hiding somewhere in Siberia you might have been struck by the buzz (muhahaha – not the last wordplay).

facebook logo

So lets get started with facebook since this can be covered pretty fast. First thing: More users, more users, more users….not a surprise, but somehow interesting to see that the steady growth continues and continues and continues…over 400 million users with about 50% of them login in EACH SINGLE DAY!. Not bad!

facebook new layout
facebook new layout

Nex thing: New Layout. Again. Looks like Facebook is not quite sure about how it wants its own look and feel.Now it’s more dashboard-like. Meaning you see more stuff at once. In different sections. In my oppinion it’s pretty oldschool-table like – but definitly way  better arranged than before. What still sucks: Those automated application messages. I’m still wasting to much time on “hiding” every singles message. Hope Facebook will find a way to handle this soon.

But so far: Well done, Mr. Zuckerberg

Next big thing…

google buzz logo

So here we are now. Google Buzz. Woooot. As mentioned before, as long as you haven’t been hiding somewhere in Siberia you might have been struck by the buzz Google created this week. Google buzz is their next attempt to rock the social media world and, IMO, they’re doing a pretty decent job.

A lot of folks on twitter kept asking if it’s necessary to have another similar service (actually pretty funny that web savy folks who consider themselves as cool and hip and “young” are complaining about new services…) It might be to much etc. pp…But do you complain about the fact that there is more than one automobile manufacturer?…right! So as long as all offered services are compatible (and I’m sure this will improve. Once more the auto metaphor: first you make a car run, the you tune it…) I am pretty happy about the growing competition. ‘Cause as we all know, monopolies are never a good thing, right? (But obviously that’s only ok if someone is against Google – if Google tries to breach into someone’s area they are evil…).

google buzz
google buzz timeline

Furthermore a lot of people talk about wave and saying wave was a flop, and so will be buzz. I say wave is a flop for you, if you see it as just another chat client. It’s not about chat, it’s about cooperative work. And for this purpose it is great. Obviously it needs a lot of CPU power in order to run proberbly and that’s its biggest problem so far. But I like the approach and still think it’s a good thing as long as it is not misused as chat client. Same thing with buzz. It’s not an instant messenger (actually this is what I hate everywhere. If people use their public timeline to chat with one another. Come on, send direct messages, mails or use icq, aim, gtalk or whatever…).

So what I like about buzz is the fact to discuss topics right away under each post. That’s really cool. And you’re not limited to 140 characters. Nice! What I don’t like so far is the fact that every post that receives a new comment moves up in your timeline. I would prefer all current posts in the main timeline and maybe a little sidbar with current comments to posts on the right…(yeah cool, I’m giving tips to Google.. 😉 ).

But now, to show that I’m not a Google fanboy at all, the main issues with buzz. It’s integration in Gmail. I think it’s a pretty smart move to not hand out a complete new service to users. This might have led to an even smaller acceptance. Furthermore it’s quite nice to have most of your Gmail-partners already added to your following list and to receive further relevant suggestions (see that twitter, RELEVANT suggestions). But on the other hand I’m still no huge fan of web based applications. I know that this is Google’s way to success when looking at docs and all that stuff. Never the less this is one major problem of wave and buzz. Browser windows are there for temporary use, if I want something running continuously I still prefer applications. But maybe I’m the only one…

When writing this article I just came across some news that Google might be thinking about removing the buzz feature from gmail due to privacy concerns that came up with it’s release. So maybe all those said before might become irrelevant within the next days or weeks.

To come back to where I started: I like buzz. It’s not ground breaking or earth shaking but it’s well done and I think worth giving it a try. And maybe try to not compare it to services you already know (same with wave btw). See it as something new and try to figure out f it can help to improve your social media conversation.

& more…

To keep what I promissed in my heading, here is more: First of all, please forgive all my english mistakes. It’s almost 4 o’clock in the morning and I’m watching the olympics on tv. So sorry 😉

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If there’s anything I forgot, let me know. c’ya mates!