from e to omega. a long way to go for eLearning in Thailand

Now that more than 3 weeks passed since my temporary move to Thailand, and after finally arriving at my college and preparing classes, it is time to recap my first impressions. While I talk about Thailand in general on my travel blog, I would like to discuss the topic of eLearning today.

As a big fan of eLearning I was hoping and looking forward to implement and use some eLearning procedures over here. There are a lot of portals, communities etc. so I thought it might be ‘easy’ to work with eLearning procedures. Buuuut of course it is not easy. Naive thoughts. Unfortunately.

the e in the beginning

Despite the fact that everybod has internet and everyone is online all the time, they somehow do not recognize that learning is possible online too. While some teachers try to study English online, most students do not know how to use the internet in order to increase knowledge.

It would not be fair to blame the students of course. If nobody shows eLearning possibilities, how should they know? When I asked for support in this matter, I was told that students are not thought to participate in online trainings – but if this ‘rule’ (Thais like rules) won’t be changed, nothing else will change. Sounds almost German.

Anyway. Right now I try to work as a missionary – I put all my stuff online – downloadable for all students. Furthermore I try to encourage them to use the internet in order to find information, help, dictionaries and so on. I provide 24/7 (almost) help via email and chat opportunities. The first step into a eLearning future.

From e to omega

The final destination is, of course, still far far away but plans are on my table. Learning communities, exchange-portal, videos, media, etc. Let’s see if it is possible to implement at least some of those features during the next ten months. If you have any suggestions regarding this topic, feel free to comment. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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