how to succeed via failing

Noooo, no drugs. I really mean what I am saying. This post is about succeeding via failing.

Fail = bad, right?

No! Well yes, in it’s natural meaning it is something bad to fail. That’s why people on twitter tag bad or stupid actions with the #fail tag or that’s why the failblog is so popular. Even outside our web 2.0 world the word ‘fail`itself is quite common to discribe mistakes, stupid decissions or bad habbits. So actually the equation fail = bad is true.

But on the other hand, fail does not need to bring only bad consequences with it. It might be bad at first, but be valuable in the end. Sounds weird at first, so let’s try to get this straigt!

What is failing?

Failing usually describes the act of performing ineffectively or of being unsuccessful. Failing itself can be found in all different aspects of life. You can fail having a relationship, you can fail in your job, at school, at test at University or in a web project. Or you simply fail in every day norma life issues.

Failing sucks

Sure! No two opinions on this. Failing sucks. If you try to master something – life, sports, school, job, university, whatever – it sucks if you fail. You even will feel worse when others don’t fail while doing almost the same. Seeing others suceeding while failing by yourself is often even harder than failing without knowing other’s success.

light at the end of the tunnel
light at the end of the tunnel

The light at the end of the tunnel

Yes, there really is a bright side about failing. The fact that you fail implies that you at least TRIED! And that is very very important and to appreciate. People that only talk talk talk about stuff and how it SHOULD be done can talk day and night – nothing changes. You who failed, tried to actually ACT. And even though you failed, you did something and – most important – you learned a lesson for the future. The lesson how to NOT do business, studies, or whatever. The valuable thing is, that you take something out of your failing.

Fool me once…..

You know this old saying, right? Actually you can say it with failing too. Fail once, and it`s ok. It shows you tried, you learned your lesson, you know how to handle things in real ilfe. But if you fail more and more and more often it also shows that you are not able to learn. So try & fail. But make sure to learn your lesson.

“What is the most important thing you learned in your online life so far?”

Is one question I get asked almost daily. And the only answer I give is: I learned that trial & error is quite ok in the modern web 2.0 world. As long as you do not try, you can not succeed. So try, fail, try again, fail again, try harder and succeed!

Btw: What are you trying right now?