If you smell…what WWE is rocking. Social Media role model.

A post about Social Media & WWE. Two of the things I like very much. Already love it. For those of you who do not know the WWE: WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment and it’s basically a good choreographed, action packed, ‘super athletes compete in fake beatings’. To make it short: It’s a big show and a billion dollar industry in the states. WWE airs the two most watched tv series in the states (Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown) and it’s only reasonable for such a company to take on social media. While WWE Superstars (that’s how they call their athletes/actors) participate in Social Media for quite a while already (The Rock or John Cena have some of the biggest fanpages and followers in the whole entertainment industry) WWE now takes it even a little further. When you enter the (very nice) URL www.wwe.com/social into your browser and hit enter you will be taken to the Social Media Hub ‘WWE InterAction‘ of the WWE. This hub combines twitter, facebook & the website chat in one place. It also lets you browse through each of those services individually. It pretty much combines all WWE mentions from twitter (via […]