Understanding and being proud of ones own culture is important to know who you are. Understanding and being able to accept the culture of others is important to establish and maintain lasting relationships, do successful business or simply to be a more open minded self.

With cross-cultural seminars & workshops we will define your cultural background, examine other cultures and understand how to react to certain kinds of cultural differences. Moreover we will understand how to recognize certain patterns and make use of stereotypes that present itself every day.

Cross-Cultural Understanding seminars will be divided into two different parts:

For Thais:
Trying to establish relations with a foreign company? Planning to go abroad? Getting your start-up ready to pitch to foreign investors? Then you found the right place to go! Together we’ll figure out what you need the most and work on your skills in order to make you reach your goal as fast and confident as possible.

For Foreigners:
Coming to the Land Of Smile can be quite a shock at first. While the sun shines almost every day understanding people’s behavior and cultural norms can sometimes feel like riding through a storm. Obstacles everywhere. No matter if you’re here for a sabbatical from home or on business understanding and knowing the culture here is important and crucial for a successful and stress-less life. Together we’ll make it work!