– boffin & add ons

Muuusiiiiiic makes me feel alright..

Some words from one of my favorite bands. The beautiful girls. And they’re so damn right 😉

And as the most of us music addicts, I really enjoy hangin’ out at once in a while. Scrobbeling, shouting, receiving some music hints, checking out what’s going on in my city. Nice 🙂 And, since becomes more popular every day, there are a heck of add ons and widgets one can add to his profile at myspace, facebook and whatever…but now they released a new cool add on to download. They called it boffin. Doesn’t sound that cool (yeah I know it’s slang for scientist, I can do the wiki too), but really rocks!

So what’s it about? It’s basically about bringin’ your online stats and musiclibrary together with your local playlist. After you installed the download, you simply start boffin and it starts indexing your library (looks pretty cool, while doing so, eh?):

After you’ve done that, you get a tag cloud and you can choose (and unchoose) what you wanna listen to. Simply select ’em, click on play and there you go..

So, as you can see, it works quite well. I really like this new feature and think I’ll use it quite a lot 🙂

Furthermore I just installed a firefox add on which is called That one is not that new, but I didn’t use it till now. Pretty cool stuff too. It simply puts a small navigation into your firefox and enables the acces to your radio straight from FF. Well done once more.

So keep on scrobbeling! 🙂