Loudlee – social music network

While you’re all going crazy about (wooohooo, a picture sharing platform!) I happend to come across loudlee. Loudlee is a ‘social music network’ that lets you add songs and artists to your library and follow people (like on pinterest :P) you like. So what’s new with that you might ask by now. And that’s a good question. In a time where there are already numerous ‘social music networks’ like last.fm, blip.fm, grooveshark or even stuff like spotify bringing out a start-up in this area sounds like ‘just another bs-shot-from-the-hip-project’. And yeah, well, it didn’t  invent the wheel again – but does it have too? Maybe improving the stuttering wheel is already enough. Compared to blip.fm it is, for example, wayyyy more stylish. The user interface is just cool, shows covers, artist pictures, etc and the embedded youtube videos are actually working (hello, blip.fm). Just like on last.fm – but compared to last.fm it rocks since there is no restriction regarding how many songs you can play (on last.fm I ran out of ‘free’ songs a long time ago – since then they always try to force me into a paid membership). If we take on grooveshark (which I actually like) […]