Lucha Underground – New Wrestling Show kicks off

I just finished watching the first episode of “Lucha Underground” – a new Wrestling Show on ElRey Network.

After having seen a few episodes of TNA and ROH I, to be honest, was a bit sceptical when it comes to WWE alternatives. It’s not as if I would be the biggest fan of WWE but the other promotions, while sometimes showcasing some nice in ring action, do usually lack in terms of execution and filming quality. Lucha Underground tries to be different. It seems as if their focus is also on story lines and tv show like filming which makes the ‘promos’ nicer to watch and more intriguing.

When it comes to wrestling it is, well, wrestling! And that’s awesome. The main even to the first episode consisted of Johnny Mundo (you might remember him as John Morrison from WWE) vs. Prince Puma. And it was a great first main event. Almost no holds needed, full paced power the whole time with lots of great moves and interaction.

Besides the great in ring action and seeing John Morrison again it was also nice to see Matt Striker, former WWE talent and announcer, again on commentary. Matt called more wrestling moves within the first 5 minutes of Lucha Underground than the WWE commentary team (Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole, JBL) call in 3 hours of WWE Monday Night Raw. He also couldn’t help himself sending out some message towards WWE (I counted two) when he said something like “HERE we can actually call all those moves and different styles…” – totally acceptable in my opinion and actually happy that he did call those moves.

Overall there is obviously still room to improve (the crowd seems a bit small – I understand it should resemble an ‘underground’ fight but still a bit more people would probably make it even cooler) but it was a successful start and I am already looking forward to seeing more of Lucha Underground Wrestling (And already lets me forget thinking about GFW).

Oh and by the way: I made the mistake to watch Smackdown after I watched Lucha Underground and was terribly bored by the WWE approach to fights and silliness of the promos. So Lucha Underground, feed us more!