mobile me – yes or no?

Just had a discussion the other day, whether Apple’s service is cool, nice to have or a no go?

Personally I think there’s no need for this service. At least not for me. Sure it’s quite nice to sync everything from one hand. But honestly…for that price Apple would have to organize more than only my data, they’d have to organize my life  😉

Since Apple is not the only one offering syncing-tools, one does not have to pay that much for a service that, nowadays, should be free (come on – everyone’s working on different machines – macbook at home, imac at the office or whatever…).

There are some cool tools like Fruux, Dropbox or Spideroak that, if used together, can have the same effect as Espacially dropbox really helped me a lot during the last months while I worked on my thesis.

So, if you consider trying (at least there’s a testing period – which I also tried, of course!) and you’re not that convinced at the end of the testing period, than maybe it does make sense to try one of those nice little tools mentioned above. Or just start with them and then switch to if you don’t care about the money or simply became to lazy or whatever 😉

Oh. And don’t get me wrong (I already can hear those win-users saying “aaaah look…apple’s not all good…), I still love my mac and the apple services – and even more the amount of free services offered by other mac-geeks 🙂

I’m a mac =)

  • impaler

    You know, I’ve gone back and forth on this one. I was a MobileMe user from before 2001, since it was iTools and .Mac. It’s definitely not for everyone. I know it’s nice to have a one-stop-shop for sync. Still, I don’t trust the calendar sync nor the reliability of push e-mail yet enough to abandon Gmail. The contacts sync on MobileMe is flawless, and I use that to sync my two Macs and iPhone. The settings and keychain sync is sweet too. Nobody can do everything MobileMe does, but you can find other solutions for free. However, I think the main discussion these days is centering around whether you want to pay $8.25/month (which I don’t mind doing), or pay nothing and be subject to Google’s arguably increasing encroachment on privacy. It’s a fine line and I’m growing concerned. As a happy Gmail/Google Calendar and Mac user, it’s agonizing.

  • Hey impaler,

    I think you’re right on this. And, of course, is not thaaaaat expensive. But, as you mentioned as well, there are a few nice tools for free. The thing with Google and its encroachment on privacy is of course a point that might push one forward to look for different solutions.

    Since being a happy Gmail/Google Calendar user as well, I completely agree that it’s pretty agonizing using iCal and Google Calendar. Actually that’s the only thing that doesn’t work out with free tools.

    Anyway I’m not that convinced by and I don’t like the way Apple tries to force users into it. I know that it’s common behavior and all companies try to sell their products – but apple always was kinda “different”.

    But, obviously, that’s not a big issue. They’re doing still a lot of cool work over there in Cupertino.