Movie Review: Outcast

A knight movie with Nic Cage. And Hayden Christiansen. But with Nic Cage? How does this work? Does he run around with two swords in his hands? Well, kinda. Actually we don’t see tooooo much of Nic throughout the movie. In the beginning and the end of course but the actual hero is Hayden Christiansen. Good for you, girls. He even has fancy, totally knight-esque, hair cut in the movie. Exactly how one would imagine sword yielding badasses.

The Plot:

The typical story of any action movie. Badass killer (first Nic, then Hayden) realize killing for fun (or a mission) is bad so they start to drink and take drugs, fall in love (with the princess!), fight for their love (against the bad big brother), (almost) get killed and have a (non Thailand massage style) happy ending (poor them).

Judgement: Watchable but not too enjoyable.