Musiiiiiiic – March Top 3

Time to have a little bit of fun again. Since i announced the category some weeks ago, I should provide you with some input =)

My Top 3 tracks in March 2009 aren’t really insider tipps or whatever. The first is a, in my oppinion, nice cover version from one of my absolute favorit tracks. A german youtube-singer covers “naive” from “the kooks”. Kinda popish, but i like it anyway.

The second song I want you to have a listen to is relatively new and not on air that often, at least I haven’t noticed so far. It’s from Kristoffer Ragnstam and is called “swing that tambourine”. Starts quite easy and calm but gets quite funny in the middle. Not a “perfect” song, but fun listen to it while being on the sub or train home.

And, number three for today, simply pretty much rocks! Farin Urlaub, singer from the “Best Band in the World” in his solo project…German, but you don’t have to understand the lyrics, simply clap and jump and rock! 🙂