Pipe-Bomb out. Goodbye CM Punk

cmpunkalumniA few days ago CM Punk has been added to the so called “Alumni” section of wwe.com (attention, flash site). This usually happens to “Superstars” who are ‘retired’ or out of the company. This move might show us that Punk won’t return any time soon (as if we needed any more proof for that). The reason why I mention this here simple. CM Punk was the reason why started to watch Wrestling (there, I said it) again.

The Rock, Stone Cold, over and out.

Like most wrestling fans (“sports entertainment” these days) I started to like it back then as a kid. When Hulk Hogan, Macho Man and, my ultimate favorite, the Ultimate Warrior dominated the scene. As a teenager I started to watch a little less but still was happy to watch WCW or WWF on a Friday night when I was at home. I didn’t really follow story lines to much (also thx to the shitty German translation back then) but was always glad when I saw the Rock or Stone Cold on tv. Heck one of my oldest email addresses was “justbringit@….”. However, as time passed and The Rock and Stone Cold made their ways out of the company (or were featured less) I also got older and thought I’m to old (cool) for that (fake) stuff. Especially since the story lines and characters didn’t really convince me to follow the development there.

Best in the world

Fast forward. A few years back I happened to come across some online episodes of RAW and watched it then  more or less by coincidence. CM Punk was one of the main characters at that point (as a heel) and I liked his cocky, arrogant, ironic promos and his “not-John-Cena-like” wrestling (!) style. So I checked where I could watch those episodes more often and started to follow it again on a bit more regularly.

As the fun of watching Punk not giving s^%* grew, I also started to listen to the ‘story’ behind all those characters a bit more again and soon witnessed something that I didn’t expect. A “Pro Wrestling Guy” was allowed to bash his own employer, the business he’s working for. The way he did it was awesome and actually got me glued for a few more episodes because I wanted to find out what would happen with him.

Afterwards the story lines with Punk involved became bigger and bigger and he was the ‘hottest’ thing around.

Now in the end it seems that his ego and the egos of the people running WWE didn’t fit anymore and so he left the company on a sad note. Some say it’s understandable that he felt upset after not being treated fairly compared to “part-time” wrestlers (Brock Lesnar, The Rock, etc.) others say that’s still no reason to breach your contract and simply quit. Whatever you think about his way of leaving, there’s no way to deny that he was an incredibly great asset to WWE and a superb counterpart to all the “PG Era” stuff going on. And therefore there is only one thing to say: