Plague – The Network

Hey hey. A new social network. Yay. Just what we all wanted, right?

However this one is different. At least that’s what it states. Plague isn’t about friends or followers, it’s about spreading ‘news’ like a virus.

To be honest, that doesn’t sound much better. I gave it a try nevertheless and am, well, quite disappointed. The approach first sounded interesting and promising – or at least not complete crap. Sharing news in your immediate vicinity. Not via sharing but via swiping and automatic location detection.

Since we all are in the swipe mode these days I thought this could work, until I realized that those ‘news’ are stupid status updates and not actual news. So instead of the food picture of your friend you’ll see food pics of random people who happen to live or travel somewhere around you. Yay. Great.


The idea sounded interesting and I think it could have been cool if it would have been a swiping ‘reddit’ or sth like that but having to swipe through lots of stupid random updates is quite annoying. Therefore it seems like Plague just is another entry into the list of useless social networks. Ello, Tsu, Plague,….lots happening in this category lately.