Putting Design in SEO – Google Instant Preview

Just another shorty since I was just struck by pure shock when hovering over some SERPs results. Even though they were on the first page, I did not want to click them since the instant preview showed nothing but ugly and out of date webdesign.

I am number 1

two is not a winner and three nobody remembers. Catchy phrase outta the hiphop business. And somehow right. BUT if number one looks shitty, I might go with number two, three or four. Or do you go home with the first best guy/girl you meet at a party even if you see more attractive (and easy to get) potential fun partners within reach?

Taking the Search Engine out of SEO

What’s left? Yeah! Optimization! And one big part I always rimind you (and clients, and co-workers, and friends, and family, and…) of is: Usability. Right! Make the user happy, and the search engines will get happy to. Maybe. But at least your CTR might not suck. 😉

But today it’s not about classical usability, it’s about – hard to say for a SEO guy – design!

Huh. Now that it’s out, it’s not that bad actually. And yes, I know that SEO guys mostly focus on the bots first, on ads second and, if enough time, on usability at third. But layout & design fights its way back into our daily reportoire. With instant preview possibilities the user now actually sees what is described in our amazing, keyword stuffed, descriptions. And if it sounds nice, but looks like shit, they might not click it – even if we set the right metatag (buha!).

Sooo guys (and girls) take into account that design might count a little more, take your time to suit-up and beard-down your sites and make the world…wide web a nicer place.

Peace out!