read-a-long – vol. I

I guess most of you guys know twitter. right? For those who don’t: Twitter is a microblogging service which allows you to send messages no longer than 140 characters. If it’s useful or not, is not our business today. Just wanted to make sure you know what i’m talking about. There’s one thing within the twitter community, that is quite nice (at least when looking at it’s origin). It’s called “follow friday”. This means that on every friday users recommend other users to their audience. Once in a while this happens to blogs to. Then some folks call it “blog day”. But why only once in a while? I thought it might be a good thing to recommend blogs on a (semi) regular basis. So here we go with my first read-a-long recommendation post.

One more thing (I always wanted to say that :D): I won’t feature Blogs like techcrunch or mashable or whatever. Everyone knows them already. Actually I might even focus on niché, off topic and personal blogs. Simply blogs I like. My first blog is a German one but since this is a new category over here I decided to write this post in english. Hope you guys understand 🙂 But now let’s get it on!

“Im Regen tanzt es sich am schönsten” is the tagline of which covers the personal life of a german girl studying in Vienna. I pretty much like the style she writes and talks about stuff. Maybe that’s her journalistic background or it’s just talent. Either way I really like those posts about  Vienna, relationship things, studies and all day life. So if you speak german and are in the mood for some nice stories, I really recommend this blog. A+