Send a student to school – vittana

There are trendy and hip startups, there are startups that simply make sense and then there are a bunch of crappy startups or copy cats (heello and others). Once in a while you come across a startup that simply lets you say ‘yes, that’s great’. That just happened the other day when I came across vittana. It is not cool or funky or hip in any terms but is..well…good! connects students who are in the need for a loan in order to continue their studies with people who can afford to lend money to them. After graduation it is payback time. Choose your favorite student Students who are in the need for a student loan present themselves on vittana so you know exactly who uses your money for what purpose. You know what your student studies, where he comes from and what degree he aims for. Dr. Med in Paraguay, PhD in Laos or Management Degree on the Philippines….it is up to you who to support. When your student is finished you can say ‘I helped a Dr. to fulfill his dream’. Not the worst thing to say I suppose. Everybody can help Since vittana is based on the principle of […]