shut your eyes and sing to me

Alright. Actually I was prepared to start with something like “let’s waste time, chasin’ snow patrol (or something similar), but it never comes the way it is expected 😉

Today was my first time at the famous “donauinselfest” which is basically the largest open air festival in europe. So fair enough that there are a heck of people hanging around =) A lot of the guys from Vienna that I asked about the festival told me that it’s “a kind of touristic thing” and that people from Vienna won’t go there…as always with big events in your own city – as resident you tend to be to cool for something like that 😉 But since I don’t care that much about my coolness in this case, I still went there 🙂

And what should I say? It was way cooler, than I expected it to be. OK, it’s pretty large and very crowded, but, as mentioned before, fair enough for the biggest festival in Europe. The bands that played, were pretty decent and did quite a good job. The first band for me was Naked Lunch which performed quite reasonable. Then I went to another stage and saw Morton live. I’d describe Morton as kind of a Bon Jovi-esque Rock/Pop Band. But, regarding to the amount of “fucks” in their lyrics, I guess they try to become more hard rock 😉 Anyway, nice performance. Espacially when the frontman (Rob Fowler) did “a tribute to MJ” and sang the chorus of the “earth song“. When the crowd went wild, there was kinda “special feeling”. But before going to much into that Jacko-thing, we’ll stop here 🙂 Another cool thing: They had a fan on stage with them and asked her to sing the chorus of their last song…nice 🙂 And she did really well!

Nevertheless, the undisputed highlight was, of course, Snow Patrol. And, as tweeted live, I was never a great fan of them, but they did a really really good job! The played every single hit they had so far and did really well when it came to interactivity with the audience. And while the crowd went wild and sang every single chorus aloud, Snow Patrol did not have to do anything when it came to “Chasing Cars“. The crowd was so loud, there was no chance of understanding the band and the guys looked like they really enjoyed it! They said it was the biggest audience they played so far (about 50.000 people)…Since I really had a great time, I won’t mention the sound problems, they had once in a while during their performance… 😉

As soon as I find some vids on youtube, I’ll post them here, of course 🙂

  • verdammt! programm zu spät geccheckt! snow patrol hätt ich echt gerne mal live gesehen 🙁

  • Ja die haben das echt drauf einem das Gefühl zu vermitteln, als sei man die beste Audience, die sie bislang hatten =) Und dabei strahlen die immer, freuen sich…so muss das sein 🙂

  • früher wurde das feuerzeug ausgepackt, heute die handycams und andere technik ^^

  • lach. genau das dacht ich mir auch. die band, die vorher gespielt hat – morton – hat das sogar immer gesagt “now take out all your handies (der hat echt handies gesagt) and light up your display..” brave new world..