Simple Banking: Online Banking kicks off!

Finally! After more than two years of waiting (and forgetting) the new way of banking finally kicked off! Simple, the service that offered sign-ups more than two years ago and promised to kick old banks in their ass, rolls out to the public. Right now everything is by invite only but since I signed up over two years ago I received my invite quite soon the other day. The ‘worry-free alternative to traditional banking‘ has one big negative point though: It is, of course, only available in the United States. I signed up 2 years ago since I didn’t knew where I would be by the time the service goes life. Turns out I am in Thailand and not in the States so I can’t test this new banking service. So why this post? First: I thought I let you know that you can ask for an invite on and secondly I passed on my invite making one of my twitter peeps happy. When you take a look at his tweet you see that it’s not only me who was excited about finally growing out of its baby shoes. After stating that I can’t use my invite I received […]