Social Media & Education: Brief guide to jump-start your social media efforts

After my blog post about Facebook & Teaching I received quite a lot of mails asking for more examples and advice on how to use Social Media for teaching purposes. While I am currently writing on further in depth posts on how to use some of the well known social media platforms I thought it might also be a good idea to get a post out that doesn’t get to much into detail but shows some of the current highlights of social networks in terms of educational implementation possibilities. Having that said I hope everyone understands that this is just thought as an overview. The more specific posts to each of these social networks are coming soon. 1.) Facebook First place in our little journey across social media plattforms is, of course, Facebook. Kind of a no-brainer since Facebook is still THE fastest growing Social Network worldwide and the number one Social Network in most countries. If you are interested in an in-depth analysis on how to use facebook for teaching purposes, please follow this link to my currently published article about exactly this matter: Social Media & Education: Facebook for Teaching. In short: Facebook is great because most students […]