Social Media = low grades?

Yesterday I came across an article at the Daily MAil in the UK. They say social media sites like facebook and twitter should be blamed for low grades in school. They say students fall asleep during classes, have a low attention span and do not do enough homework because they spent to much time on facebook and twitter. Well, that’s what the daily mail, some weird study and most of the comments say. I say: Bullshit.

All the same

Back in the old times teachers blamed television, the internet and mobile phones. Now it is the social networks. But they never blame themselve. Same with parents. Always blame technology first, then the teachers but never themselve. That’s a great advice for kids: Never blame yourself. Damn it. I really can’t stand it any longer. Social Media is bad, the internet leads to low grades…

Take a look in the mirror

If students fall asleep it is because of your boring teaching! If teachers would take their time to learn more about social media, they would be able to integrate it into their classes. This would lead to more fun, interaction and attention. But instead of integrating, most teachers say ‘facebook is bad’. Why? Because it’s the easy way. This way nobody has to change.

BUT society is changing, students are changing – why aren’t the teachers changing too? Teachers get a quite decent amount of money, a lot of spare time and therefore do not want to do ‘real work’? (I do not blame those of you, who take their job serious though. I know a lot of very good teachers!). 20 years of teaching and not changing your style? That’s almost impossible in every other job! So wake up, utilize Social Media, make your classes fun and interact with your students!

Oh and btw: If students do not do enough homework or learning at home – hello parents, your turn!