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dont like you
no, i don't like you - on social media

You know this, right? ‘you have a new page suggestion‘ or ‘XYZ invited you to the event I DON’T CARE THAT YOU’RE LIVING ELSEWHERE I SIMPLY INVITE EVERYBODY I KNOW

So here’s the deal: Social Media is great. Yay! Social Media gives us the chance to talk, to say our opinions, to discuss what’s going on – as customer, company or public figure. Perfect! BUT since almost everybody in social media feels the need to participate in this cool movement, there is a lot of anger / social blindness (sb – referring to ‘banner blindness’) going on.

With social blindness I refer to a marketing phenomenon called ‘banner blindness’. This is basically the case when you’re surfing some websites and do not care or even recognize the banner ads that are surrounding the site you’re at. So this is the ‘old’ online marketing, right? Now with social media everything is better – ’cause it’s the user who does the marketing work….

WRONG! Sure, it was and maybe it even is, but it won’t stay this way if the evolution of social media marketing goes on like this. I guess almost everybody is on – or at least knows – facebook. So let’s just take this as an example. But it could be twitter as well as netlog or whatever social network / service you may want to use.

So right now almost everybody has a fanpage on facebook. And – of course – everybody tries to get a lot of fans (is it now called likers?) by inviting the people he/she knows. Alright. Fine. But the problem is people tend to invite EVERYBODY! It’s like ‘MAN I JUST OPENED THIS EFFIN FACEBOOKPAGE – YOU HAVE TO JOIN – BECAUSE I DID IT‘. You know, it’s great that you opened a facebook fanpage, but I simply don’t care about gloves for cats. Even if you think it’s the next big thing! Obviously this wouldn’t be a problem if I wouldn’t receive a hell of invites every day. And I’m quite sure, I’m not the only one who experiences this. For example: I just created a Fanpage for this blog (feel free to join btw) and invited some friends to join. I only selected friends who already followed this blog when I had the ‘networked blogs’ application running – so only people who showed interest in my blog. And some of them ignored my invitation just because they ignore every single invitation (thx to farmville, etc..) – they even don’t have a look at it. They don’t care about the message at the right on their facebook dashboard…

Sure, I could ‘ignore’ those friends who keep sending me invites. But why should I? They are ‘friends’ for a reason. Sure no ‘best buddies’ but I had a reason for letting them be friends. So ignoring wouldn’t add much value to this ‘relationship’. So here’s what I want you to do: Please take your time and think about who you are going to invite! This won’t take to long – and don’t tell me that you have to much friends – ’cause the more friends you have, the more can be annoyed…

increase social roi
increase your reputation | don't be a spammer

Furthermore Facebook offers the possibility to organize friends in different groups. So when sending invites, you only have to choose the right group(s). That’s quite handy, isn’t it? And man, I promisse, your fans & friends will respond way more positive when they only receive invitations that are worth having a look at.

So don’t be a social spammer – ’cause these are the folks nobody likes and which are likely to be ignored. And to wrap it up in marketing terms (for those guys who can’t live without buzzwords or for  a round of bs bingo in your next meeting): Increase your Social ROI & reputation by choosing the right target audience in order to raise response & awareness combined with a positive impact on every single community / network (the one of your newly won fans).


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