soundcloud – the kickass music inbox

Alright folks. Usually I tell you something about newbies and startups – when talking about networks or other plattforms. But soundcloud isn’t that much of a newbie anymore. At least the homepage tells one that it exists since 2007 – unfortunately I just came across it recently.

Basically soundcloud is “a kickass music inbox” which allows sharing of music files in a very easy and simple way. Before talking to much about it, simply have a look at the promo video and tell me what you think

SoundCloud: The Tour from SoundCloud on Vimeo.

soundcloudI, personally, just created an account since I really became interessted in soundcloud. Really looks like an innovative way of sharing, receiving and distributing music. Espacially the possibility to embedd it into existing social networks like myspace or facebook is an enormous plus. Since espacially myspace is still the #1 network for music artists this obviously does make sense.

Another cool thing about soundcloud: It’s made in Germany 😀 Well actually the founder is from Sweden, but it is based in Berlin (yeah!) and therefore a german kickass network 🙂

So what else to say? Of course it is not only possible to browse artists, users and genres but also to favorite, download and share every track. It really looks like they thought about  everything and there’s nothing to complain about. But on the other hand this wouldn’t be eKnowWaytions if I wasn’t able to find anything I don’t like. At least since I’m living in Austria, I have to cope with the local attitude and start complaining every once in a while – just because… 😉 But so far I gotta enjoy kicking music ass =)