Thailand’s Media Usage & Dependency

Thailand and the media! That’s a very special kind of relationship, one that is often thought to be rather superficial thanks to the success of lakorns (soap operas) and the huge amount of following they amass. However just leaving it with ‘it’s superficial’ seems rather one dimenisional and too easy of an excuse. There is […]

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How to piss off a German expat

We have seen a lot of ‘How to piss off someone from…’ posts (I even wrote one: How to piss of someone from Bangkok) but not many of those posts actually covered how to piss off a non native living in a certain area. This might be the case because…

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How living abroad made me a better person

“Living abroad is exciting! Awesome! And simply the best!” Those are just a few examples of what you usually hear when you talk with people “back home”. Mostly followed by a “you’re so lucky you can do that” or a “I couldn’t do that”. The only viable response for you…

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Addressing Generation Smartphone

This article is probably going to make me sound old. Maybe I simply have to accept that. I’m getting older. I don’t want to, but I can’t fight it. Another thing that I can’t fight: The urge of writing this article. It is probably moot to address someone in particular…

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Getting a Tattoo yeah, getting ink done – Infos & Experiences by a Tattoo Newbie

tattoo in thailand

Alright people this is a NSFMM post. Not Safe For My Mom. So please don’t share it with her or translate it into German! A few weeks ago I happened to be back in Udon Thani, the city I’ve been working for three school terms, in order to attend this year’s graduation party. Since the […]

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saying NO can mean YES

After starting quite a new life the last months I came across a lot of new connections, colleagues & friends. When being new to a job, neighbourhood or – like in my case – a country, it is quite logical that one tries to fit in or, at least, that…

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30 rocks

Since I am just about to open a new chapter in terms of work &  life experience I thought this is a perfect moment to look back and forth and think about current developments. Furthermore I will hit the magic thirty next year. So one more good reason to recap…

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