Plague – The Network

Hey hey. A new social network. Yay. Just what we all wanted, right? However this one is different. At least that’s what it states. Plague isn’t about friends or followers, it’s about spreading ‘news’ like a virus. To be honest, that doesn’t sound much better. I gave it a try…

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ClickZ Live Digital Marketing Conference Bangkok 2014 – Review

In the midst of November 2014 ClickZ Live opened its doors for the first time in Bangkok and in Thailand in general. ClickZ Live is a Digital Marketing conference that takes place over several days (two days in this case – 1 day workshops, 1 day conference) and hosts some of the brightest minds of the Digital […]

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#WhereWasKimJongUn takes over the internet

Once more twitter seemed to be a great proofing ground for creative and funny interactions with real world relation. Kim Jong Un, North Koreas leader, hasn’t been seen for quite a while so twitter users took over to investigate the issue…. Auditioning for #DowntonAbbey #WhereWasKimJongUn — General Boles (@GeneralBoles)…

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WebMob Bangkok October 2014

This week I attended one of the monthly organized WebMob‘s here in Bangkok since it promised to showcase two interesting mobile applications. Safety & Stories and Hungry Hub. Here’s a short review of that event. Safety and Stories – Emergency App Just like with Hungry Hub the team around Safety and Stories (see picture above) appears […]

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