Thailand’s Media Usage & Dependency

Thailand and the media! That’s a very special kind of relationship, one that is often thought to be rather superficial thanks to the success of lakorns (soap operas) and the huge amount of following they amass. However just leaving it with ‘it’s superficial’ seems rather one dimenisional and too easy of an excuse. There is […]

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The Many Reasons Why a Lot of People Are Moving to Thailand

Many people in the world love traveling to big cities. While some might claim that you can’t truly experience living without heading to one of the longstanding and traditional metropolises, it is not in any way the absolute truth. However, at the end of the day, the most popular personal fantasy is to simply relax […]

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Thailand State of the Internet 2014

In 2014 Thailand has, once more, seen its fair share of internet debacles and social media disasters. This however clearly showed how important being online is for Thais and therefore deserves a state of the internet 2014 post. So let’s check on Thailand’s most important online outlets of 2014. Thailand’s Websites…

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IT differences between Thailand and China

Guestpost on IT differences in China and Thailand. Thank you Zhou Zhou for writing this article.  Obviously, Thailand and China have been commended for the tremendous achievements recorded in the development and advancement of their technology and internet sectors beyond expectations especially in areas like transportation, commerce, manufacturing, military, medical,…

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DreamTrips Scam

This post is completely off topic and even more off topic than the usual ‘fun’ posts. Reason is, it’s not fun this time. Many of my students are now getting caught by a Scam scheme here in Thailand that’s been around for quite a while. Namely: DreamTrips. Here in Thailand…

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