Takeaways from WWE Battleground 2014 & RAW after

So the place holder PPV Battleground is over and, surprisingly, nothing surprising (ha!) happened.Nevertheless there’ve been a few takeaways that showed a bit of where WWE might head and, as always, the RAW after a PPV showed some turns and twists as well.

Botching is in.

In case you don’t know what botching is, you should google it now and then find pictures of Battleground (no, you wouldn’t, yet. Give google some time). It’s incredible how many moves went wrong (have been botched). What stuck to my mind, 2 days after, are the following:

  • Sheamus. Is there anything he doesn’t botch anymore? Not speak of his no-sells all the time.
  • The Divas match (the one that counted). I appreciate that AJ and Paige are trying to deliver ‘real’ wrestling (!) matches but man those botches were obvious. Paige seemed to not have any confidence in any of the big spots that they tried to sell. Nevertheless I appreciate them trying and hope to see more of that soon.
  • Cena. Really? Downed by one of the most “dooming” moves in WWE today, being covered but then looking up at the one-count to check whether or not Kane is breaking up the cover. Dafuq Mr. Cena. We all could see that.

The viewers are stupid

Alright that does now totally play into the hands of the people who say ‘wrestling isn’t real anyways’. I don’t even want to dignify that with an answer. What I mean with “the viewers are stupid” is that WWE apparently thinks they can sell whatever stupid story line they want to sell. In and outside the ring. In this case the Battle Royal. Always fun to watch (thanks to Kofi) of course. But seriously? Every time a “superstar” “hides” outside of the ring that goes without anyone realizing it. I believe that’s exactly how the awesome one won another battle royal a few years back, wasn’t it? It was so obvious that The Miz would just hang out outside and then come back in to win like that. No surprise at all and the fact that Dolph, again, was ripped of a chance to reward himself for all his hard work also sucked. The win afterwards on RAW doesn’t help there since it only looks like that’s a conciliation price.

Oh yeah what I forgot to mention: Apparently it works. I was really surprised to hear the crowd chanting “this is awesome” during the main event (cause it wasn’t). Either WWE bought those chants (I could totally imagine that) or those fans where drunk or otherwise intoxicated (I heard that happens in Miami in times).

I understand how they tried turn up the heat between Ambrose and Rollins and so the angle they chose made complete sense. However canceling a match for a PPV – a match that many probably expected the most. Tough call. I don’t know how much those tickets for that PPV were but man I would have been a bit pissed I guess.

A few good calls

Not everything was bad though. I liked Damien Sandow’s attired this time although the one at RAW the night after was even better of course. Still a shame that his talent isn’t being used better.

The Usos & Wyatts. We all thought the Wyatts would make it this time and so did the audience. I even heard some boo’s in between when The Usos were running wild (on you, brother!) but to be honest I found the match quite compelling and well sold. Those two teams have great chemistry and never fail to impress. Too bad it gets a bit boring story line wise so the Usos probably have to find other opponents soon (Dusts) since I can’t think of anything that would justify another Wyatt title shot for now. The match however was awesome.

I think I saw Randy Orton selling some Reigns moves quite well. Since that doesn’t happen to often anymore: Well done. I also liked his promo on Raw afterwards. Looks like we’re heading towards a feud between Reigns and Orton before Reigns gets his title shot against Lesnar. Let’s see where that will leave Orton. Just watched his No holds match from 2004 against Mick Foley. That was awesome. I want that  Viper back. #LegendKiller

Dolph Ziggler in the Battle Royal. Is there something he can’t sell? Not a huge fanboy usually but man he, once again, did a great job.

Cesaro being eliminated by…..Heath Slater! The 1MB did quite well and lasted way longer than expected. Way to go, babe! (Being shoved around by Flo Rida at Raw doesn’t point towards a big career lift though).

Kofi’s performance at the battle royal. One already expects that but it’s cool that he still figures out new ways to entertain.

AJ is still hot.

The Ugly

Who would have though that I would ever say that but Y2J sucked. So did Bray Wyatt. Didn’t like that match at all and the fact that Y2J doesn’t make much sense for me. Ok, now we’ll see a longer feud between those two guys but why? I can’t imagine WWE giving Y2J another title run (and after that match he, unfortunately, wouldn’t deserve it) so what’s the point in having him feud with Wyatt. Feels like this whole thing holds Bray back and his record in ‘big matches’ is just plain terrible by now. Way to destroy a monster heel (soon to be face).

The devil’s favorite demon. Such a stupid nickname. Big Red Machine was way better. Having the announcers calling cane that all time the was really annoying.

Speaking of annoying commentary…..WTF WWE, WTF? The commentary is incredible. Plain, stupid, sales only. Nobody calls the in-ring action anymore. They should all shut up and know their roles.

The Fun

Fun parts don’t happen to much during PPVs anymore, that’s what the RAW after is for. Just like this time. I loved how Triple H didn’t really care about Stephanie being arrested (well he acted like he would care just to find excuses not to). Great heel acting right there by HHH.

Zack Ryder wins against Fandango. Woo Woo Woo are you kidding me? Zack Ryder. On Raw. Winning. Pinch me! (Man that shows how much WWE thinks of Fandango by now). I don’t think that Zack will get a huge push from that but man at least he had two hot chicks (Layla sold that really well) around him.

Dean Ambrose. God I love seeing Dean Ambrose going nuts and loosing it. Every time you think he couldn’t get more crazy he turns it up a notch. Love it.

Paul Hayman. The one behind good promos.